Core competencies

As a company, it is a good idea to seek external counseling every now and then. It provides the company with different inputs and an opportunity to reassess goals, visions, and daily practices. I offer to take a look at your company through my objective eyes—my professional expertise is the lens that I use to focus on your challenges and potentials.

My core competencies are as follows

  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Customers
  • Sales
  • Professional networking
  • Targeted relationship building

After the counseling process, you will be able to solve complex problems faster and at a higher quality than before. As a corporate adviser, I take advantage of a combination of reputable professional knowledge and 10 years of personal experience as a sales and networking specialist and business developer.


My personal profile characterizes my style of counseling. I am

  • Flexible and persistent
  • Appropriately provocative and innovative
  • Concrete, critical, and constructive
  • Analytical and strategic in my approach to problem solving
  • Honest, straightforward, and optimistic
  • Practically and theoretically knowledgeable

I have a number of attractive references and testimonials that I would be pleased to elaborate on upon request.



My professional foundation is based on my master’s in business administration from Copenhagen Business School (2007), in addition to the latest research, which I continually stay updated on.

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