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A counseling process is a tailored and improving long-term cooperation at management level

A counseling process is designed specifically for the company and normally includes the entire management team. The counseling process can focus on strategic, tactical, or operational problems in the company.

A typical counseling process takes three to twelve months, while the intensity and the scope vary from customer to customer and from need to need. A process can be structured like this:

Step 1: A preliminary meeting is set with the management. The current problems of the company are discussed during the meeting and related to strategy, vision, values, and resources. This gathering of knowledge and insight results in a preliminary report prepared by Soulaima Gourani in which unexploited opportunities are outlined together with a draft action plan.

Step 2: A series of interviews with individual members of management and key employees is arranged. At the same time, Soulaima Gourani conducts an analysis of the company based on field research, observations, and direct dialogue with customers, suppliers, partners, and internal departments (e.g., sales, customer service, marketing/communication, R & D). After the analysis, an overall picture focusing on those factors that are causing, for example, the economic downturn, declining customer satisfaction, lack of growth, sales, or internal cooperation is established.

Step 3: Now the new information is operationalized and transformed into business-oriented, focused, and understandable strategies and tactical considerations leading to specific goals and actions. These are discussed at workshops with the board of directors, management, and key employees. The process includes a combination of team meetings, training, and one-on-one sparring.

Step 4: Continuous evaluation, adjustment, and follow-up ensure that everybody stays motivated and passionate about the changes and comply with the strategy. The activities in this step are tailored to match the company’s level of energy and ambition.

Any counseling process is based on mutual trust and strict confidentiality.

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