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Soulaima Gourani often appears on TV, radio, the Web, and printed media. On this page, you will find a selection of audio clips with or about Soulaima Gourani. Please call or write if your organization would like a comment or an interview. You can click on each of the audio icons or links to listen to the audio clip.


‘Home Business’ Podcast: Turn Your Business Idea into Reality

In this episode of Home Business Radio, Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Managing Editor Sherilyn Colleen discuss how to turn your idea into a viable home-based business start-up, with TED Talks mentor, author and management leader Soulaima Gourani.



DR P1, Søndagsfrokosten, August 6. 2017

Soulaima Gourani in a debate about equality in the Danish royal family, between genders and in the street gangs. (In Danish only)


DR P1, Søndagsfrokosten, April 9. 2017

Soulaima Gourani in a debate on how to cope with terror. (In Danish only)


DR P1, Debat, January 31. 2017

Soulaima Gourani in a debate on President Trump and his muslim ban. (In Danish only)


DR P1, Søndagsfrokosten, October 18. 2015

Soulaima Gourani in a debate on sexist remarks made by MP Morten Messerschmidt and if there is a larger pattern regarding these kinds of remarks made towards women. (In Danish only)


DR P1, Søndagsfrokosten, September 27. 2015

Soulaima Gourani in a debate on three subjects: Danish GDP, Prime Mister Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s summit and refugees working. (In Danish only)


DR P1 Morgen, September 26. 2015

Soulaima Gourani in DR P1 Morgen (Danish Radio Program 1 Morning) on the company Capital Aid of which she is the CEO. Fin-tech is changing the way look at loans and banks.


DR P1, Søndagsfrokosten, July 19. 2015

Soulaima Gourani in a debate on whether or not the newly elected Danish government has committed a breach of promises. (In Danish only)


DR P1, P1 Debat, Nov. 4. 2014

Soulaima Gourani in a debate on sexual education in the public school system and if it is possible to combine education, work and family life the way society is put together. (In Danish only)


DR P1, Søndagsfrokosten, Sept. 28. 2014

Today one in eleven children is born with help from a fertility clinic. Should society decide when people will have children? And is it ok that we go to war once more – this time against IS? Should the Danes focus more on becoming more grounded or on the seemingly never-ending urge to look for something better? (In Danish only)


Soulaima Gourani, Give what you want, AUG. 3rd 2014
“Give what you want” – this is the message in this podcast by Soulaima Gourani. Courage is an important factor in the everyday life. We have to be courageous, and fight the unrighteous. Imagine what we could accomplish if we all did one thing every day that support peace. Therefore, we must help and respect each other.


DR P1, Søndagsfrokosten, JUN. 1st 2014

Does it make sense to bet on Lars Løkke as prime ministerial candidate of the Liberal Party, can a man who is burdened by at least three annexes cases lead Liberals, lead the country with credibility? (Available in Danish)


Fabiola Christensen, May 20th 2014

How do you get the courage to succeed? Should you forget about your dream? Should you risk it all? Soulaima Gourani will today give you the motivation to succeed and find your inner drive. The bad news is: She’s not here to save you, but I can promise you that it will be a push in the right direction towards your success. (Available in Danish)


P4 Copenhagen, May 16th 2014

Soulaima Gourani advises Lars Løkke Rasmussen in all the chaos he experiences right now.

Mads & Monopolet, 3rd May 2014

3rd of May, Soulaima debuted on May 3 in ‘Mads og Monopolet’. Listen to the show here with the panel: Uffe Buchard, Søren Fauli, Lina Refn og Soulaima Gourani. (Available in Danish)

P1 Søndagsfrokosten, December 29th 2013

Roughly 34,000 Danes have lost their allowances paid in 2013 – and around 4500 cannot get cash assistance. “Mette Frederiksen, you smash our families,” the Danes says. However, have the Social Democratic Minister of Labour and the Government abandoned unemployed Danes? Or is it moan?
Listen to the broadcast here (in Danish)

P1 Søndagsfrokosten, November 10th 2013

Does Løkke have the credibility to become Prime Minister? This time on Søndagsfrokosten the main topic is about the Liberal Party’s chairman, Lars Løkke, and whether the media go too hard on him, or not. In addition, a discussion about whether the swastika symbol can be seen as the original symbol other than Nazism.
Listen to the broadcast here (in Danish)

Krifa Podcast, Oktober 16th 2013, by Henri Brorson

“Become indispensable at your workplace”. This is the theme of this clip, in which Soulaima Gourani will give her views on how to become indispensable at your workplace and what possibilities of being fired might provide.
Listen to the broadcast here (in Danish)

Rushys Roulette, Radio24syv, Oktober 23rd 2013

The Oktober 23th 2013, Soulaima Gourani attended in Radio24syv. The 1st Hour was about her as a person and that she in August the same year received the award – best business thinking person in the Nordic region by Nordic Business Report.
Listen to the broadcast here (in Danish)

Thoughtful Tuesday guest: Soulaima Gourani. Morning on P4, August 20, 2013

In this edition of <em, Soulaima Gourani is the thoughtful Tuesday guest. We will talk about Soulaima Gourani’s childhood and her uncompromising attitude and debate eagerness.
Listen to the broadcast here (in Danish)

Café Hack with Soulaima Gourani, Café Hack, P4, January 13, 2013

Café Hack is a Sunday morning program where host Søren Dahl invites the listeners to experience café atmosphere, music, and entertainment. Today’s guest is Soulaima Gourani, who tells about her life, her childhood, her work, and the newly founded NGO Global Dignity, where she focuses on increasing the dignity of students all over the country.
Listen to the broadcast here (in Danish).

Globus, Radio 24syv, October 30, 2012

The society of the future is a knowledge society. But can the Danish universities do well in the international competition for knowledge? Are the Danish students ambitious enough, and is the quality of the universities’ education on a sufficiently high level? And is it even possible to compete with hardworking Chinese students?
Listen to the broadcast here (in Danish).

World-class leadership, P1 Business, August 2, 2012

Listen to an hour-long deeply personal interview with Soulaima Gourani on P1 Sommerbusiness. This summer’s P1 Sommerbusiness focuses on what it entails to be a strong leader. What makes a young person focus dedicatedly on a management career—achieving a lot of success at that? Louise Hededam talks with Soulaima Gourani about ups and downs, willpower, victories, personality, and focus. This year, business advisor Soulaima Gourani has been selected as one of the world’s 200 young leadership talents by World Economic Forum’s as a Young Global Leader. She is one of the most sought-after business advisors in Denmark. Soulaima Gourani lives in Copenhagen with her husband and two children.
Listen to the broadcast here(in Danish).

The news (P1, March 6, 2012 [Listen from 14:29 to 16:20])

Each year, the powerful union of politicians, opinion makers, and businesspeople in the World Economic Forum comes up with their idea of the leaders of the future. Entrepreneur, author, and speaker Soulaima Gourani, from Denmark, is one of these leaders; and on the P1 news, she talks about her new title and the challenges that she hopes to help solve in collaboration with other leadership talents worldwide.
Listen to the broadcast here (in Danish)

When I see a red flag, I feel like working one week more every week! (Straight Talk [Soulaima Gourani’s own newsletter], July 2011)
Despite my natural political stance as a businesswoman, I would agree that all of us should work one hour more per week—at least. However, opposition parties have forgotten to tell the voters that we don’t need to spend more time in the office—we just need to work more while we are there. A day in the office is oftentimes a long series of interruptions. Phones are ringing, e-mails are ticking in, questions from colleagues are being thrown, counter orders from bosses are coming, meetings are being held, etc. We don’t have real work days but rather work moments. Here we run into a paradox. Across political parties and business communities, most people agree that we must live by innovation and development in the future. However, all studies show that creative work requires a period of undisturbed concentration. Thus, it isn’t possible to just be creative for fifteen minutes in between a meeting and a deadline. In every respect, it is necessary to have peace and quiet to do a good job. So how do we increase productivity without increasing our work hours? Listen to my contribution to the debate here!
Listen to the broadcast here (in Danish) Get the text here (in Danish)



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